Gemma Bulos

March 24, 7pm In-Flux, Regis Center for Art

Gemma Bulos
Founder – A Single Drop (ASD), an organization to promote social action around water issues and environmental stewardship for peace
Founder – A Single Drop for Safe Water (ASDSW), offers water technology training, establishes office in the Philippines
Founder – The Million Voice Choir, joins the world in a song for water and peace

Queen Latifeh – Cover Girl CG Vibes, 2005
Best Emerging Social Entrepreneur of 2007 – awarded by Echoing Green
Ernst Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2009 in partnership with the Schwab
Foundation in the Philippines

Social Entrepreneurship
2005 – ASDSW offers first water technology trainings in the Philippines
2008 – ASD co-sponsors the Global Women’s Water Initiative with Crabgrass and Women’s Earth
Alliance partnered with Groots Kenya in Nairobi.
2009 – ASD co-sponsors Global Women’s Water Initiative in Ghana

Over 38,000 people have access to improved water in 8 countries as a result of her organizations’ activities.
She plans to bring her water initiatives to the United States to promote sustainable technologies, such as greywater use, rainwater harvesting, and composting toilets.