WATER LIGHTS: Poetry Reading

Darlene White Eagle: Introductions & Story Telling
Darlene White Eagle, an Ojibwe elder from Leech Lake, Minnesota, will give a talk about water. “We all come together for the love of water.” 

Body Prayers: Luann Kleppe Kintree / Hiyala Indiga / Amy Barankovich
I have a personal dance piece that reflects on connecting with water to overcome, transform and heal a troubled past.  I live within barefoot distance to the St. Croix River, and cherish all waters ….in all ways……always.  Luann Kleppe Kintree  

Carol Connolly
Saint Paul Poet Laureate, author of three books of poems, [I’m] the fifth generation in [my] family to live close to the mighty Mississippi as it roams through Saint Paul.

Maren Hinderlie
Water, especially if it runs, transforms my life. It heals me, refreshes me, amuses me, transports me! I spent my childhood summers in the woods of northern Minnesota…diving off rocks into the white water of a deep pool in a river rushing toward Lake Superior… Even now, when I find this place in my mind’s eye, I am transported to a world of shimmering realities, at once mysterious and familiar.

Diane Jarvenpa & Diane Jarvi, Musician
Water has been an important symbol for me all my life. My name is Finnish and means head or beginning of the lake. My ancestors were never far from water and viewed rivers, lakes and the sea as an essential way to connect to nature and the earth. Water is an important part of sauna, and löyly, which is the steam released in the sauna, is a Finno-Ugric word meaning soul. So I guess my connections to water are strongly linked to my ethnic heritage.

Susu Jeffrey  
A spoken-word CD, Mississippi Mother…and have been active in peace, water and nuclear-free politics since the first of more than 30 nonviolent arrests in 1977.

Rebecca Paradis
Astrologically, I have no water in my chart.  I live near two rivers in the land of lakes. I am grateful daily for hot, running water. Writing since age 10, one of my early poems begins:  “The brook flows like a long, silk drape.”

Maureen Skelly  
Revised version of a water poem Maureen first read at a Clean Water Action benefit in 1990. She also performed a “Water Set” for the International Water Conference. As a life time swimmer, Maureen feels we have a special responsibility to protect water in the land of 10,000 lakes and source of the Mississippi.

Linda Wing
A lot of Linda’s work deals with water, especially the Mississippi River, which Linda grew up near and still resides close to…