Take Action!

  • Visit the exhibition to experience the work, discuss responses and evoke a vital conversation.
  • Attend performances or events scheduled during exhibition. Invite one of the artists to speak to your class or youth group.
  • Click on Links for a list of local, national, and worldwide resources on water! Teachers, find ideas for your classes here.

Questions for young citizens:

  • Threats to Water Supplies: Is it important that water be declared a human right and be enforceable by international law?
  • Water quality, source water assessments: What are they, how are they useful, and where can you find them?
  • Access and ownership of water: Who owns your water, wells and aquifers? Are we moving towards water wars?
  • Ubiquitous chemicals: Why is storm water runoff a problem? Are all contaminants removed?
  • Bottled Water: Why do you drink it? Do you recycle it? Do you drink your tap water?
  • Wastewater management: Who regulates the regulators?
  • Groundwater: How long will your water last? Is the sustainability of groundwater shrinking through overuse or natural occurrences?