Call for student art and poetry

Postcard art project

Students (K-college) are invited to join a worldwide mail art exhibition as part of the Rivers of Regeneration art exhibition. This is an opportunity for all to express their views about our human rights to access clean water. All work will be posted on the exhibition website. Selected student and adult postcards will be displayed as part of the exhibition.

Submit a 4” x 6” or Size 6 postcard that reflects on water as a universal human right. Recycled materials are encouraged. On the back of the postcard please provide your name, address, age (if a student), and the materials used to make the card. Postcards will not be returned.

Mail postcards to:

Women & Water Rights
Department of Art, Regis Center for Art
University of Minnesota
405 21st Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Call for Poetry

Students (K- 12) are invited to submit short poems which will be posted on the Women and Water Rights website. Selected poems may be displayed as part of the exhibition and on the website. Teachers should submit poems as e-mail attachments, one poem per student. Include the student’s name and age, and indicate which students would like to participate in an open mic/poetry slam on March 3rd at the Water Dance Day of Education and Celebration.

E-mail poetry to: Sage Passi,